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Born in Austria and with an original background in teaching, Uli moved to South Africa as a young woman. It was back then when she started to explore the possibility of designing her own range of leather skirts and jackets.
Her innovative ideas pioneered many unique designs and styles in the fashion industry. It was only natural, working with leather, that later on handbags and accessories got added to the range.

Uli later furthered her natural design talent in Italy where she studied the refined craft of leather workmanship and honed this skill, directing her talent at working with skins and hides unique to the African continent. She brings to her designs a refreshing twist and attention to detail indicative of her vibrant character and meticulous nature and strives to create pieces of art which accompany her clients throughout their everyday lives, while adding a touch of elegance.

Her designer handbags, coats and accessories, made from genuine Crocodile and Ostrich leather, have launched Ulka Designs into an exclusive niche market in the fashion industry and rendered her creations comparable to those of the biggest and best names in the business worldwide.

Today Ulka Designs is selling Uli’s own range as well as top SA designer’s exotic leather handbags and jackets.

Via La Moda Handbags

This upmarket boutique, is a stockist of  Via La Moda handbags “made with skill and passion”. Additional designs have been produced for her exclusively. Ulka Designs offers an exclusive range of embroidered and tailor-made jackets and garments made from the finest ostrich, crocodile, kudu and lamb leather.

Finest Materials

Certain designs make use of springbok skin. Only the highest quality of ostrich and crocodile leather is used for the creation of the boutique’s designer handbags and small goods. Ultimately, the Ulka Designs collection offers inspired luxury and designer vibrance to its select clientéle, both local and international…